better performance. faster recovery.

Reduce Pain, improve function, enhance performance.

Manual Movement Therapy

MMT assesses the neuroconnectivity of the motor and sensory nerve pathways to reduce pain, improve function, and enhance sports performance. This framework speeds up your recovery time after injury, helps prevent further injury, increases strength, stamina, stability, and mobility.


A thorough health history intake, verbal, visual, and Functional Muscle Testing are used to map out creative strategies adapted during traumas.


Gentle, non-invasive Neuromuscular and Neuroemotional correctives are combined with Movement Explorations to decrease hypersensitivity. 


It takes considerable effort and commitment to create change. You will be provided with targeted self-care activities to help you progress further at home.

What The FAQ?

Generally clients experience some kind of change within the first session, but for some it can take 4-6 sessions before significant changes are noticed.

That entirely depends on the history of the issue you are seeking treatment for. If it was unique in nature, a one and done event, it could be completely resolved. If it is influenced by lifestyle; whether physical, mental, or emotional, it will take effort and commitment on your part to help maintain the results.

New Client Sessions are $125 and are 75 minutes long. Follow Up Sessions are $85 and are 45 minutes.

Prices are subject to change without notice. See Legal.

Hard Truth: the longer the issues have been present, the longer they will take to resolve. Again, you should experience significant or noticeable change within 4-6 sessions. Most clients then choose to continue on a maintenance schedule for prevention and general wellness.

Owning responsibility. 99% of your recovery is happening in your daily grind and living environment. Our collaboration is going to pack as much as possible into that 1%, but you will need to practice self-care unique to your experience discussed in session to maximize your progress.

My practice is a relaxed, respectful, non-judgmental space for anyone and everyone committed to prioritizing their health and well-being. All ages, body types, religions, races/ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, cultures, and disabilities are welcome here. Pain and movement inefficiencies are non-discriminatory and so is my approach.

Unfortunately, the majority of insurance companies will not reimburse for the type of care or frequency that I recommend with this framework. I am unable to supply codes or documentation for reimbursement. HSA cards are accepted.

If you have further questions, please contact me.

Why work with me?

Our therapeutic collaboration is a co-creative framework built upon a foundation of education, responsibility, and exploration.


These are not 15 minute rushed sessions. We have the luxury of time to discuss what you are experiencing and create a plan to move forward.


In the pursuit of excellence, I've dedicated thousands of hours to enhance my skill and deepen my understanding of pain and movement sciences.


The vast majority of clients I work with experience positive results in a short period of time. You've mastered survival mode, now it's time to start living.