Is pain and immobility stopping you from living the life you want?

Manual Movement Therapy

A sensorimotor neurolution.

Applying a unique framework to assess and treat the neuroconnectivity of the sensory and motor nerve pathways we optimize human performance physically, mentally, and emotionally influencing a lifetime of positive changes. 

Video explanation coming soon.

Co-Creative Framework.

Our therapeutic collaboration is built upon a foundation of education, owning responsibility, and encouraging curious exploration. Considerable effort and commitment is required to create change. While there are no guarantees, if this framework is beneficial to you, you should experience some kind of significant or noticeable change within 4-6 sessions.

I don't fix you.

Your Systems are far more intelligent than you know, avidly exploring options for self healing. My role as a Therapist is to see around the corners and the spaces in-between, to bring awareness to your Systems so that they can safely move you forward through the next evolution of your rehabilitation and performance journey.