Are you ready to get serious about your recovery & performance?

Manual Movement Therapy

A unique Sensorimotor Framework to assess and treat the neuroconnectivity of the sensory and motor nerve pathways for recovery and performance. 

Co-Creative Framework.

Our therapeutic collaboration is built upon a foundation of education, owning responsibility, and encouraging curious exploration. Considerable effort and commitment is required to create change. Self-care is a priority and necessity, not a luxury, in the work we do. While there are no guarantees, if this framework is beneficial to you, you should experience some kind of significant or noticeable change within 4-6 sessions.

Your brilliantly designed body is capable of healing itself. I don’t fix you. My role as your Therapist is to see around the corners and the spaces in-between to bring an awareness to your Systems so they can safely move forward in the next evolution of your recovery and performance.

Marissa Macias

Manual Movement Therapist