what is therapy localization

What is Therapy Localization?

Therapy Localization or ‘TL’ is one of the most underutilized and effective diagnostic tools available to Therapists that use Manual Muscle Testing in practice. But what is therapy localization and how do we use it? Origin Story TL was first used by Goodheart as a diagnostic tool for Applied Kinesiology (AK). AK is one of …

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compensation patterns

Unravelling the compensation patterns.

If you’ve been playing in the #neurosandbox for any length of time you are likely familiar with compensation patterns. You’re probably knowledgeable in how they develop in times of stress or trauma. And you likely know how to map out and in some way pair these patterns. Depending on what you find, you have a …

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What is #protectthehuman?

It’s pure instinct in its most primitive form. Our Systems are working together assessing and processing input from internal and external sources, conscious and subconscious, in order to keep us safe. #protectthehuman In times of trauma and/or excessive stress our Systems can become overwhelmed. We all know how that feels. We can have a million …

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Are you comparing your success to another’s?

A family member, a friend, a co-worker has been having pain and movement restrictions, but suddenly they are better. Their pain is greatly decreased or gone and they are living the life they’ve been missing out on. And you want that too. You started asking questions about what they’ve been doing differently, who they’ve been …

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