What the FAQ

Why don't you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, the majority of insurance companies will not reimburse for the type of care or frequency that I recommend with this framework. I am unable to supply codes or documentation for reimbursement. HSA cards are accepted.

What can your Framework help with?

Referrals are seeking pain relief from current or previous injuries or surgeries, have movement issues, chronic fatigue, or experience brain fog. Others are being proactive in sports performance, injury prevention, and mental clarity. 

What do I need to do before my session?

Create your timeline. Every injury/trauma, sickness, surgery, and diagnosis that you’ve experienced could be the key to what you are experiencing now. An email will be sent 48 hours before your appointment with other important details. 

Will I get treated in my initial session?

Absolutely! We are going to go over a detailed health history together including the  timeline you created and a great deal more. We will do numerous assessments that will become our markers of change. Assess. Treat. Assess. Rinse and repeat.

Do I need to do anything between sessions?

Yes! This is what I mean when I say owning responsibility. 99% of your recovery is happening in your day to day living experience. Our collaboration is going to pack as much as possible into that 1%, but you will need to practice self-care unique to your experience to escalate your progression.

Is it weird? I was told it was weird Or maybe voodoo.

Definitely not Voodoo. *points to the sign on the wallWeird is a side effect of awesome. It’s only ‘weird’, because applied functional neurology isn’t something we are taught through conventional methods. It must be sought out and applied with grit and determination. 

Do you work with mental and emotional traumas?

In a sense. You can think of it as Body Therapy instead of Talk Therapy. The subconscious stores all of our emotional experiences and these can be manifested within the body as pain. I will never ask for you to tell me details of these traumas. I help the body process these experiences and encourage conscious mental clarity.

What are you? Psychologist? Dr? Physical Therapist?

A good human with a load of Alphabet Soup initials after my name. I’m a Manual Movement Therapist, Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Life Coach with hundreds of hours studying neurology, kinesiology, and positive psychology. 16 years experience.

You seem a bit unconventional.

I certainly hope so. Your Systems are far more intelligent than you or I combined. The treatment and exploration of a multifaceted being requires the ability to form ideas and theories, search the possibilities in the inbetween, identify masses and spaces, and differentiate between conscious and subconscious processing. I study humans and why we do the things we do. *points to sign on the wall*

Who do you work with?

My practice is a relaxed, respectful, non-judgmental space for anyone and everyone committed to prioritizing their health and well-being. All ages, body types, religions, races/ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, cultures, and disabilities are welcome here. Pain and movement inefficiencies are non-discriminatory and so is my approach.